The eco planet™ story

eco planet was born when Barry Robertson recognised the need to provide high quality cleaning products that are better for our environment while delivering outstanding cleaning performance.

eco planet products are made from plant based ingredients and are fully biodegradable. The bottle and label are made from materials that can be recycled together – simple.

Our eco planet cardboard cartons are made from recycled cardboard, and rather than having a throw-away plastic scoop we have designed one in the same cardboard to make things easier on you, and better for our environment.

One of the most important roles we play is keeping ourselves and our families healthy. As the use of synthetic chemicals has increased over the years, so have illnesses such as cancer, asthma and dermatitis – many experts see a clear connection between the two.

If we all help to educate our children and grandchildren now, they can pass on this knowledge to the generations to come, helping to protect them from the negative health effects that come from toxic chemicals and to protect our planet.

We aim to provide our customers with top quality products and innovation produced here in New Zealand for our local market as an alternative to the larger multi-national companies that produce generic products for a global market.